€ 49,95 tax excl. / € 59,95 tax incl. p.p.

RIB Powerboating

Looking for an experience filled with action and excitement? Banging on the waves with the wind in your hair? With our RIB Powerboating experience you’ll feel what it’s like to conquer the sea in our original Rubson Raid Turquoise Powerboat with a 250 horsepower outboard motor.

RIB Powerboating is a unique, challenging and spectacular activity on the open sea and something you have to experience with your colleagues or friends. Feel the adrenaline course through your veins as you experience the raw power of wind and water. We’ll be reaching high speeds on the waves and get as close to the limit as we can.

If you’re instead looking for a more relaxed tour this is of course possible. Powerboating is fun for anyone, regardless of age or gender. On arrival you’ll get a short introduction on powerboating from a certified captain and everyone will be handed a fitting life jacket. After a quiet departure from shore things get turned up to 11 once you reach the open sea. For enthusiasts we’ll let the engines roar and fly with high speeds over (and sometimes through) the waves.

Minimum 12 people
3 hours
Includes welcome drink and snack on board
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