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Sumo Wrestling

It’s a fierce competition with no hands! Before you start your team will need a battlecry to charge into battle with and cheer. Both teams get to decide together with the instructor in what order they want to have the team member compete. The result is some unexpected and often hilarious combinations.

Is your name called? It’s your time to dive into a belly battle of epic proportions. The other team members help you into your suit and as a real Sumo Wrestler you’ll charge into battle. The goal is to try and knock your opponent off the mat or on to the ground.

The rules are you only get to engage your opponent with your belly and legs. Hands behind your back! The winning team isn’t done yet when beating the other team though! Afterwards you’ll have to battle your team mates for the title of ultimate Sumo Wrestler, and more often than not it isn’t the strongest person who ends up victorious in this hilariously clumsy belly battle!

With huge suits and helms you look like a real Japanese Sumo Wrestler. Try to knock your opponent on the ground and you’ll win a point for your team. Bystanders cheer you on from the sideline to encourage that real bloodlust.

Minimum 20 people
2 hours
Includes welcome drink and drinks during activity
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