Family Outings

Time for family reunion and looking to spend the entire day together having fun? Start with a cup of coffee and some sweets and head straight into activities such as hexathlon in which young and old can participate or quad biking (10 or older) and end the day with a BBQ or buffet. And of course there's ample time to catch up with your relatives away from the business of every day life.

Is this your year to organise the family outing?

It's always tricky to find something that everyone will enjoy equally and still get that family feeling, but at ActionPlanet we have the perfect solution!

We'll take care of all of that! Send us you're thoughts and we'll send you a quotation made to suit your needs.

The only thing we need is some basic information and we can get going:

How many people are in your family?
What are their age brackets?
Any personal preferences?
What's the budget (p.p. or total)?
How much time is there (1 hour/part of the day/full day/evening)?

We'll happily work out the perfect party and events for you to make sure everyone has a great time.