In these challenging times it's important as a company to take care of your colleagues and one of the best ways to do this is to create team spirit! The engine running your company is the whole team and what's better than to share exciting and thrilling experiences that make the adrenaline rush through you and will be the water cooler talk subject for a long time! Experience what it's like to face challenges with your coworkers as your team members while building rafts, archery, Robinson Crusoe or an assault course. Communicate and work together for the best results. After forming the teams and a quick start the teams will compete with each other. By rewarding the teams for doing well we create team spirit and healthy competition. There'll be a reward ceremony at the end for the the winning team with the highest score and best team spirit.
Cost of hexathlon for groupstax incl.
10-20 people€ 20,28€ 21,50p.p.
20-30 people€ 18,40€ 19,50p.p.
30-40 people€ 18,40€ 19,50p.p.
40-50 people€ 16,93€ 17,95p.p.
50-60 people€ 15,99€ 16,95p.p.
60-70 people€ 15,05€ 15,95p.p.
70-80 people€ 15,05€ 15,95p.p.
80-90 people€ 13,16€ 13,95p.p.
90-100 people€ 13,16€ 13,95p.p.
100-110 people€ 12,22€ 12,95p.p.
110-120 people€ 12,22€ 12,95p.p.
120 people or more€ 11,27€ 11,95p.p.