Our prime location at the heart of the metropolitan area recently hit the top 3 off-road sites in The Netherlands. With our motto #THEMUDDIERTHEBETTER we offer the opportunity for any Four Wheel Drive enthusiast to experience driving off-road.

The opportunity to drive off-road as an outing or take your own 4WD out into the field is unheard of in The Netherlands. In addition to the biggest quad-track in the country we also created multiple off-road tracks ready for any vehicle, from Jeeps to rally cars.

With the help of some intense landscaping of our terrain we crafted a diverse array of tracks with varying intensity levels:

Children 10 years and up can pick up quad biking on our novice tracks and we organize well attended annual field days for LandRoverClubHolland, Roan Warrior Challenge and the Mercedes Benz Terreinwagen Club and more.

Every last sunday of the month we offer the possibility to get to know your own 4WD on our off-road tracks during the 4x4 Sunset Drive. Experienced drivers are welcome to take to our tracks any day of the week.

Thinking of getting some extra experience under the belt before a holiday? Our experienced instructors are here to help with boths quad bikes and 4WD cars.

For any questions regarding off-road driving don’t hesitate to contact us at info@actionplanet.nl or call 023-5392650, Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.