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Since Archery was added as a sport to the Olympic Games in 2012 it has seen a surge in popularity. It is therefore unsurprising that these days you can practice Archery year round at numerous locations, indoors and outdoors. The seemingly simple goal of having to hit the bullseye with an arrow proves to be quite a challenge and whoever has the highest accuracy wins. Archery is the perfect addition to a corporate or team event, but also very suited for a days out with friends or bachelor parties. With the archery clinic you’ll learn all the basics and are given the opportunity to practice before you set foot on the range to start the competition.

Before the real archery begins the instructor will go through the basics with you. This consists of a warming up, explanation of the right posture and technique and giving you a feel for what it’s like. All this is to ensure that once you’re on the range you’re comfortable with your bow and ready to beat the competition!

Are you and your friends or colleagues up to the challenge? The ingredients for a perfect team outing: beautiful location, enthusiastic team, professional instructor and quality equipment. The right mix to get to know each other in a relaxed environment.

minimum 20 people
1.5 hours
Includes welcome and break drinks
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